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Very nice backgrounds on this one, also like the changing style of the characters.


The Monk and The Fish

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Saw this once at Animatica, our weekly screening of different short films and other inspirational sources. Love the simple, but very clear shapes the monk has.

Samsung Claymation Ad

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Pretty cool ad from samsung… Claymation is awesome, still unsure about whether its made traditionally or on the computer.

Also this is my chance to talk about my favourite computer game from my childhood; The Neverhood. At first it kinda scared me because of the emptiness of the world, but after a while I didn’t think about that because there is soo much animation goodness in it. Granted I did know at that point that I wanted to go into animation, but all the sequences were funny. If you haven’t played the game or don’t know about it, here’s a trailer. Also remember that this game was made in 1996!


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With school year coming to an end, a lot of student films are coming out. A yearly attraction is always to see what comes out of CalArts, and this one is one of my favourites. His second year film I have also posted here; Low Oxygen.

George and AJ

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So I strongly recommend watching UP, before viewing the next video. Although in storyboard mode, a lot of the expressions and action is descriped. This might be a more of a story reel, but I still think this is how storyboards should look like. Most often the storyboards just becomes layout planning with text descriping most of the action. This way you a better feeling for what the final sequence will look like, even though this was not in the film.

Pajama Gladiator

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W….O….W…. meaning I’m quite impressed!

Sigg Jones

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Oldish short… Doesn’t make the most of sense but its got good animation and a cool style.