Very nice backgrounds on this one, also like the changing style of the characters.

The Monk and The Fish

Saw this once at Animatica, our weekly screening of different short films and other inspirational sources. Love the simple, but very clear shapes the monk has.

Samsung Claymation Ad

Pretty cool ad from samsung… Claymation is awesome, still unsure about whether its made traditionally or on the computer.

Also this is my chance to talk about my favourite computer game from my childhood; The Neverhood. At first it kinda scared me because of the emptiness of the world, but after a while I didn’t think about that because there is soo much animation goodness in it. Granted I did know at that point that I wanted to go into animation, but all the sequences were funny. If you haven’t played the game or don’t know about it, here’s a trailer. Also remember that this game was made in 1996!


With school year coming to an end, a lot of student films are coming out. A yearly attraction is always to see what comes out of CalArts, and this one is one of my favourites. His second year film I have also posted here; Low Oxygen.

George and AJ

So I strongly recommend watching UP, before viewing the next video. Although in storyboard mode, a lot of the expressions and action is descriped. This might be a more of a story reel, but I still think this is how storyboards should look like. Most often the storyboards just becomes layout planning with text descriping most of the action. This way you a better feeling for what the final sequence will look like, even though this was not in the film.

Pajama Gladiator

W….O….W…. meaning I’m quite impressed!

Sigg Jones

Oldish short… Doesn’t make the most of sense but its got good animation and a cool style.

Key Lime Pie

I’m a sucker for film noir, and that combined with horror and animation is like a perfect dessert…

25 Ways to Quit Smoking

While researching for my dissertation I saw this from Bill Plympton. Started to notice his films and really enjoy them, so expect future posts to be with his films:-)

Iker J. – Demoreel

Super cool rigging reel from a guy on the Kandor Moon team, which made the Oscar nominated short film; Lady and the Reaper.


Saw this while on a course in Norway. The really good stuff is between 3:25 and 6:25, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing.

In The Rough

Short film by Blur Studio. Very nice squash and stretchy, and quite nice colours and lighting.

La Queue de la Souris (A Mouse’s Tale)

Nice stylistic approach to this film.

Josh Burton – Demoreel

Quite a nice demoreel by the creator of the Squirrely Rig.

Al Dente

A beautifully made short film from Supinfocom… Damn those french people for being so good:-)

Diego Viezzoli – demoreel

Quite a cool reel, with a variety of work from cartoony to realistic.

Despicable Me

This is probably one of the funniest trailer I have seen in a long while:-)


This is probably the vaguest animation related post ever, but I just simply love this and wanted to spread the word about it.

If you like this, then visit his channel on youtube;, and have a look at the Bangarang video which is also good.

Chaplin Rig

Another fine rig from Alan Camilo…


I like the animation, the style and the soundtrack on this one. The story is a bit dull, but the three other factors makes up for that.

Anna & Bella

While researching for my dissertation I came across this short film. The animation is great, and has a very comic book feel.


Relatively new short film from Pixar animator, Rodrigo Blaas. Definitely got a Pixar touch to it. Like the character design, and the animation is just superb.

“And Then There Was Salsa”

A very nice animated commercial. And what an amazing wow factor to bring to a product. Please the visit the link below for the full experience. The experience is very impressive.

And for those who just want to see the animation, here is the video on its own.


Short film about a flightless bird. The animation could be better at places, but its nice little story.

La Marche des Sans-Nom

This is such a weird short film, but I really like it:-) Probably some high meaning that I haven’t bother taking the time to find out, but the shots, animation and the general entertainment value keeps me watching it.


I really like the atmosphere in this short, and all the stuff that goes on in the shots. Also when the puppets is moving in unison, there is a lot of nice offsets of the same movement.

The Passenger

A short film eight years in the making!! The Passenger was created entirely by Chris Jones. Truly a remarkable feat, and a great short film.

Demoreel – Hsuan Wei Liang

Truly awesome demoreel. Very nice deformations… Personally I like the baseball player rig the best.

Burning Safari

Amazing short from the best animation school in Europe; Gobelins.

Christian Bale Rant

A very nicely animated piece from Mathew Rees, with the audio from the Christian Bale Rant.

Jungle Jail

Oldish, but awesome short film.

Brown Rig

Just a very cool rig:-)

Low Oxygen

Really like the painterly style on this one. Also the animation is very nicely done with just body expressions.

A quoi ca sert l’amour

This one was introduced to me by lecturer in school. There are so many things that works in this film, that is hard to know what to mention. But one key factor to the success of the film is in my opinion; simplicity! Simple characters, simple design, simple backgrounds, simple story, simple plots, NOT simple animation… just looks that way:-)


Such a weird piece, but very nice and snappy animation.


The concept of the film is amazingly original, and very interesting merge between 3D and 2D.

A.D. Teaser

Saw this on, and with my love for Zombie movies (and games) I was simply blown away:-)

Demoreel – Giorgio Bertolone

Some quite cool rigs on this demoreel. Especially the procedural controls for the wings on the bat thing.

Harvie Krumpet and Oscars

Wanted to do an academy awards post. Firstly there is the short film Harvie Krumpet, which won the Academy Awards for best Animated Short Film in 2003. Like the story, although a bit long, and stop-mo animation.

Now this years Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film is looking very good, and you can see four of the shorts via this link:


And as I didn’t post anything yesterday thought I would do a double post. So here is a short film from Supinfocom. The concept is weird, but original. Character design are good and animation;

Demoreel – David Bokser

Thought we could do with a post without a short film. David Bokser is the best all-rounder I have seen, and here is his rigging reel:-

On a side note, David Bokser is directing a short film called Garden City which looks quite promising; Knew I couldn’t do a post without a short film:-)

Bath Time

Funny little short animation. Think the acting is a bit overdone at places, but the animation is good and design are interesting.

Ex -E.T.

Originally saw this at the Sand Festival. Nice designs, nice animation, nice concept and nice story. Just awesume execution of an original concept.

Second Wind

This short film has soo much emotion, and the style is just simply gorgeous.


Really nice work of colour, and a dynamic story.

Demoreel – Jo Plaete

Really talented TD. Like the integration of flash as a user interface within the 3D application. Something for the future to explore:-)

“Bunnies” – Duracell Commercial

Sometimes you find very interesting commercials, that has animation quality to the standard of feature films. Also to be remembered, the advertising companies strive to be original which gives us such nice commercials like this from Duracell:

Gerald McBoing Boing

Found this while doing an essay on Narrative Modes, and have loved it ever since:-) Notice the flow of the narrator and you might recognize it from “Horton Hears A Who”, cause it was created by Dr. Seuss. If you haven’t seen “Horton Hears A Who”, then hurry down to the nearest video store and buy it! A must see for everyone with a childish heart.

Vanishing Point

A piece of motion graphics + nice music = lovely feeling:-)

Machu Picchu Post

Short film from french school Supinfocom. The animation might be a little bit off at places, but the visuals most definately compensates for it. Truely inspiring film…

Demoreel – Victor Vinyals

First of all the skills of this rigger is heroic. Secondly the appeal of the model and rig is sooo nice to look at.

Might seem like a waste of time to get your rig to be appealing, but if the animator has to work with it for 8 hours a day then its gotta be user friendly and not hurt your eyes…

Clik Clak

Oldish french short film, but one of my favorite. I love the concept of communicating through sounds, and the design of the robots… simple but interesting:

“Friend” – Jean-Denis Haas

A piece of animation that I find really powerful from Jean-Denis Haas:

I also found out that he animated to the same piece of dialogue as I did in the second year, and I did not know about him until afterwards… Out of thousands of film dialogues, and I choose the same as he did:-S

“Little Guy” – Alan Camillo

Amazing little test animation, and all in step mode but you still feel & see the performance:

Sketchy Guard

Love the simplicity of this piece… And the comical timing is great:-)

Yankee Gal

Lovely lighting, and a original concept… This is has also inspired a sequence to current short film in progress:



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