Maya – Incremental save and Auto save

Maya has two great saving features; incremental save and auto save.

Incremental save is activated through the save menu options. Its function is to save a copy of the file you working on, so you can backtrack to a previous version.
Auto save is activated through the preferences menu, and its function is to save a copy of your file at predefined intervals.

Unfortunately these two features dont work together with default settings. Incremental save, puts the files into a folder called “incrementalSave”, while auto save puts them in “autosave”. With Maya 2012 you can easily change the directory for the autosave to the “incrementalSave” folder, and this will make them work together.

Though I dont like having a folder called “incrementalSave”, and I like to be able to control what folders are used and created. So I went digging through Maya’s start up scripts and found “incrementalSaveScene” and “incrementalSaveProcessPath”. These two scripts control the incremental saving feature, so with a bit of modification you can put the incremental save where ever you want.
The current workflow I utilize has a folder called “archive”, which has all older versions of a file. The scripts that I use can be found here:
This way there should never be a question about where the latest version of a file is.



~ by Toke Jepsen on October 23, 2011.

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