Been working on my film, so haven’t had the time to sit down and test out some ideas Ive got. Finally today I really got a chance and energy to sit down and have a play at an eye setup that I have been thinking of.

This is only a proof of concept for myself, but I see quite a bit of potential in it. The setup was inspired by a few various sources, but the one that tickered the idea was this tutorial about smart blink rigging. The concept is that where ever the eyelids are, one slider will always make them close. This I thought was really useful and time saving for the animator. Instead of having to manually match up the toplid to the bottomlid. Also the demo John D. shows on the site has some really nice and flashy eyelids. I found myself when animating for my film, that matching up the eyelids to the eyeballs movement conveys so much more belivability than having static eyelids.

ATM the eyeRig needs more flexibility, like having the option of controlling it by the look at target or more FK like. There are a lot of wiring, which quickly can get confusing so future plans will be to set it up via a script, then you simply place the rig in the right spot and adjust the bones


~ by Toke Jepsen on May 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “eyeRig_01”

  1. Also wanted to say hello to publish a tutorial on the subject eyeRig_01
    and keep on track with Congratulations and what’s your wabsite is fine.

    Greetings Miguel Á…

  2. Hi Toke J. Thanks for your opinion and wait hopefully later of his excellent tutorials published papers in Toke’s Blog page and greetings to Felix J.
    I feel sad for not being in its list of page Joleanes.com and soon will have my website is going to call ValyRock and I thank you much I have helped a little experience to manage the softwar 3ds max ok …

    Greetings Miguel Á …

  3. It is understood the message subscription is free and
    so that I can help further and thanks for your patience ok.

    Greetings Toke Jepsen.

  4. Excuse me where I can download the example of the truth eyerig_01 this great and
    Tell me who is the author of the eyerig_01 ok bye.

    Greetings Miguel Á …

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