La Marche des Sans-Nom

This is such a weird short film, but I really like it:-) Probably some high meaning that I haven’t bother taking the time to find out, but the shots, animation and the general entertainment value keeps me watching it.

On the same page of weirdness, I’m in the process of preparing myself for animation. Organizing the shots, and trying to setup a mini pipeline so if I need to change the rig I can. Then putting the rig into all the shots I will hopefully be able to do via a script, without loosing any animation. BUT on the way to develop the pipeline, weird things can happen and has. So I end this post with a picture of the resulting mayham of a failed attempt:


~ by Toke Jepsen on February 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “La Marche des Sans-Nom”

  1. hahaha cool, shadow man returns. kinda looks like a headless robed figure holding a book creepy

  2. Switching to some serious post-apocalyptic impressionistic look?

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