Old Woman Rig

So the Old Womans and the Ballerinas rig is done (minor tweaks here and there). The two are setup the same way, via. the Script Rig, so there isn’t really anything new about the rig itself. The Old Woman is new though, and therefore I did this demo:

The face rig I thought was worthy of its own video:

The face rig is the same as on the Ballerina. The deformations seems pretty good, and the reaction time from max is good as well. Though wont know anything until the animators start breaking my rig:-S The Old Woman is going to have a skirt on (and so is the Ballerina), but atm I’m still figuring out the look of it. Going to use the build in cloth modifier in 3ds Max, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Finally a short film eight years in the making!! The Passenger was created entirely by Chris Jones. Truly a remarkable feat, and a great short film.


~ by Toke Jepsen on February 22, 2010.

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