Ballerina_Rig_01 and A quoi ca sert l’amour

This double posting seems to more of a tendency rather than a mishap… Anyways I wanted to show how the rigging is progressing, so here a video with the Ballerina rig:

The rig is from a script that I’m developing to automate the setup of bipedal characters. So to show that work I’ve got another video to show, note that the playback speed has NOT been manipulated:

The rig is at a decent level, but there is still tweaks to stabalise the rig and lots of testing to do. That being said I believe the rig can work in a production. For future plans I want to implement a control UI for easy selection of control objects, a mirror system for mirroring poses, auto clavicle, easier setup (ATM initial setup is name dependent) and support for multiple limbs/toes/fingers, among other things.

The cool thing about building a script to handle a character setup is that you can easily apply it to lots of characters, or if you find that placement of bones are off you can go back, adjust and execute the script again. Along with 3D Studio Max’s build in load/save animation tools, you could make changes to the rig while animation is being preformed and not loose any animation work.

“But thats only the body, Toke. How about the face?” I hear you say… Well, for the last couple of months I have been contemplating about which rig type to use for the Ballerina and the OldWoman. The two choices were morph target based or bone based. The problem with morph based facial rig is that you are confined to the morph targets that you make, but you will never loose the characters original design if you have good morph targets. While the bone based facial rig has unlimited expressions, but the animator can quickly distort the face in ways that the design were not meant to. And the greedy person that I am, I wanted the benefits of both methods without the cons.

This is what I have so far:

The controllers run on the nurbs surfaces, which are modelled around the Ballerina’s face. I can quickly pose the face without distorting the face. But on the other side if the need comes, I can distort the face.
Of course the face rig is not finished, only around half the work is done since skinning is a big issue, but I think the rig has potential.

So lastly another short film. This one was introduced to me by lecturer in school. There are so many things that works in this film, that is hard to know what to mention. But one key factor to the success of the film is in my opinion; simplicity! Simple characters, simple design, simple backgrounds, simple story, simple plots, NOT simple animation… just looks that way:-)


~ by Toke Jepsen on February 10, 2010.

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