Ballerina_01 and Skhizein

A double post again since I slacked off yesterday:-) Firstly I wanna show the progress of the Ballerina. After a couple of weeks of development time, Sam Wright came to this result for the Ballerina:

The Ballerina is of cause “naked”, so the hair, clothes and skirt still needs to be put on and textures on everything.

It is quite a difficult task to get a design from 2D into 3D, cause what might have worked on paper, might not look very good in 3 dimensions. I’m very happy with the result, and since the fundamentals are in order then the end result should be even better.

Now secondly a short film called “Skhizein”. The concept of the film is amazingly original, and very interesting merge between 3D and 2D.


~ by Toke Jepsen on February 7, 2010.

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