Preproduction “For The Dance”

Finished the preproduction for my major project, and you can see all of it here:

And here are the supporting videoes:

As you can see the brief was split between the short film and rigging. As part of beefing up my showreel with something less cartoony I have agreed to be a part of the T-rex Project ,which I have mentioned in a previous post. Therefore there is a plan for skinning the T-rex at the end of the preproduction.

The preproduction of this short film hasn’t just lasted from school start, but all the way from before summer. During summer I have been developing the story, along with a script for rigging my character quicker. This script are proving quite useful, and throughout the production of the short film I will be improving on the script to have more features and be more user-friendly.
I am collaborating mostly with a friend of mine, Sam Wright, on the short film. Sam Wright has been responsible for the character and prop design, and will be responsible for the modelling and texturing of the same items. He did a lovely concept of the characters that I will be using. So here are the characters of my short film, Ballerina and Old Woman:


If you have any comments on the short film, or any thing on in this post, then please leave a comment. I love to get any form of feedback!

From here and onwards I will be posting about the progress of my short film, and that can be viewed here aswell as in “Short Film Progress” at the top.

Lastly I would like to invite people to subscribe to this blog, which can be done at the top-right side of the blog under “Email Subscription”. You will receive an email every time I post something new.


~ by Toke Jepsen on January 12, 2010.

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