T-rex In the ATRiuM

Wanted to show the first version of a dinosaur (T-rex) rig that I developing for live action sequence Im collaborating on with some guys from the course. The whole project can be seen here; http://dinosaurintheatrium.blogspot.com/

My contribution to the project is the rig of the T-rex, the criteria that Ryan gave me was to have a rig that has simple controls but functions advanced. So after doing some RnD during summer, this is the first version of the rig.

Now it needs to go through a testing stage with the animators to bugs and streamline the rig towards how the animators use the rig. Then its the skinning stage afterwards where its going to have a muscles system underneath to really sell the credibility when composited into a live action scene.


~ by Toke Jepsen on December 10, 2009.

One Response to “T-rex In the ATRiuM”

  1. looks really great. I like, that you don’t leave controls on special attributes, but but you actually give them control objects…I hate digging through modified object attributes in curve editor when animating.

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