Hand Rig

Continuing from last week, here is a hand rig I have been, and still are developing:-

There are still some issues I need to adress, which are mainly to free some of the restrictions I have on the rig. To simply making the rig work in the first place, I have had to restrict some rotation axis. But the step will be to get rid of these, so the animator is gunna have maximum control.

A great feature of this rig the storing and copying of poses. Thanks to Paul Neale, for the “Pen Attribute Holder”. This wonderful modifer is wants doing all the work, when storing poses and copying them. The modfier allows for exporting the poses as well, which means that if I have two characters with the same hand rig I only have to make a bunch of template poses on ONE rig. Ill then be able to copy the poses to and from either rig, and from and to left/right.

As the arm rig shown last week, this hand rig is build via Maxscript, which allows me to quickly setup hand rigs without having to go through the same process every time. When I feel the script is ready to be release I will be posting it in my “Scripts” page.


~ by Toke Jepsen on October 31, 2009.

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