Arm Rig

I promised myself I would make more updates to this blog this school year, so Ill show some of the stuff I have been working with during summer. The large part of the summer I have been learning Maxscript. Maxscript is a programming language inside of 3D Studio Max. Because I want to improve my rigging skills, Maxscript is a vital part of rigging and producing user-friendly rigs.

SO ill show this screen capture of the arm rig I have worked on.

Besides from the highlighted features in the video, there is also two more. Firstly the rig can be x-refed into any scene and it will still work. This gives huge advantages when working in teams, and every animator need to work on the same rig. I, as a rigger, can then tweak the rig without the animators losing any work done. Secondly the rig is produced by maxscript, which means the feature can be applied to any rig. All you need is to place the bones the correct places within the character and name the bones correctly.

Also I would like to point out the new blog, and especially the “Scripts” page where I will be posting my scripts. ATM the script for this arm rig isn’t there, cause I still have to work out some bugs BUT when I have finished it, you will be able to download it from there.


~ by Toke Jepsen on October 25, 2009.

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