Major Project – Short Film "Over The Hill"

Finally I have the chance the upload and present my second year short film, which I have been working on for six months. The majority of time went onto the story, that got changed a lot since the initial concept. And also to present the story correct to be entertaining aswell as getting the storypoints across. Alright show first, then tell:-)

The preproduction lasted for the first two months of the six month period. The initial concept was the old man rolling down a hill getting a face lift/younger. So I had a long way from the concept to something interesting and entertaining to tell. The story were constantly worked on, and still after the preproduction, the story was still being reworked. In the preproduction I tried to design as much as possible, since I had a world to design around my character. The old man, Marvin, was the first element that had a finished-ish design. So in the preproduction I had to design a suitable world around Marvin. (Click the image to view more)

After a couple of weeks creating the Marvin and his rig, I went on to produce an animatic. Still the story got reworked from the storyboards.

Hope you enjoyed the film. Im hoping for a very productive and creative third and final year, with another short film.


~ by Toke Jepsen on August 6, 2009.

One Response to “Major Project – Short Film "Over The Hill"”

  1. Sikekr på der kommer en stjerne ud af dig!

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