Character Exploration – Part 3 – Week 18 & 19

Hello hello, everyone. The final project of the first year is DONE! There hasn’t been a lot of changes since the last article, only the addition of the final performance of my character. The most difficult part of this project was to fit everything into 10 sec. which was our limit for the final performance. Well, I don’t want to do a lot of talking on this, Ill show instead:-

The copyright is reserved for the University of Glamorgan, Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries.

If you are having trouble viewing the video above, try this clicking here.

I’m pretty happy with the final performance, I went very methodical about the process, focusing on thing at a time. This helped me to get a cleaner workflow, where I didn’t confused about what to do. The only critique I have about my work is the thought process, and the facial expressions. The thought process being the thought process of Emlia. In my opinion she thinks too fast, I would love to go over the 10 sec. limit with more thought being displayed in her face. But there is always sacrifices to be made on a limited time schedule.
The facial expressions could be more “animated”, she could have a more rubbery face. But thats something to practice on for next year.

The next three weeks we are going to work on the Glammies, which the annual award show. Looking forward to finally work in a group, and get a little feeling of it is to work in the industry. So next stop………………….. THE GLAMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ by Toke Jepsen on May 12, 2008.

One Response to “Character Exploration – Part 3 – Week 18 & 19”

  1. Finally got around to looking at your work, and I must say; its impressive! But I have to agree with you that the facial expresion part looks like a weird rubbery wormhole… that talks… But the rest is awesome and btw, I bet you used your own girly voice for your characther! hehe always knew you would find a use for it tho!

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